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Going Back To Uganda: No Points and I am Off the Podcast



After the most brutal loss of a football game I ever started (Only lost 2 games I started in high school by less than a touchdown each), It's onto Nairobi for the biggest football game to ever occur on the continent of Africa. (at least in East Africa). The Kenyan White Rhinos are hosting the Ugandan Generals, and after the local TV station finally released the tape of the whole game for $65 dollars we have been able to sitdown and look at the tape and see what we did wrong and where we can improve. Look I understand I sound like a broken record but the reffing and 1st down marker was legit cheating but we are holding a reffing seminar so that means absolutely no excuses moving forward and hopefully when Kenya kicks the ball out of our center's hand it will get called. 

(I know I said offsides when I really meant encroachment.)

There are no more excuses; we need to coach our DE better to contain and stay home. But we now have the Kenyan tape and know exactly what they are running out of all their different formations. Going into these next 4 days of practice, we will be able to work on all of our weaknesses. Uganda is the better team by a mile. Kenya has a drier climate than Uganda, so hopefully, we will be able to throw the ball a little bit this time and not be in a foot of mud. But we will be able to operate in any weather. Hell, we gotta put up points or I am off the podcast. I don’t know if I will be able to withstand another defeat. The thing is I never realized just how important officiating is to the game. As we saw in the Chiefs game, it is pretty damn important. Being overly upset by bad calls and turning into a crybaby is an ailment that even the future hall of famers on the big stage can't even deal with. 

So I am sorry if my passion for the game and the group of guys I would literally run through a brick wall for seems out of place, that just means you don’t care about ball. There is a difference between knowing ball, watching ball, and CARING about ball. It's just different suiting up going to battle with the dudes. The box score will never reflect how hard the Ugandan Generals played. No more excuses, we just gotta ball. 

Also, shout out Jamison from South Dakota who is flying to Nairobi to help ref the game. All these guys need is a fair playing field and we will come back on top. God I love football. It's a game I love so much I literally traveled 7,000 miles and back twice. I would do it 1000s of more times. Also if you are a college coach please check out my guy Stephen. He has NCAA eligibility, he's 28 years old but I looked it up he's still eligible. He has a GED equivalent.