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North Dakota State Won A Game 108-14 Against What Appears To Be A Youth Church League Basketball Team

What a win for the pride of the Summit League, North Dakota State, beating "The Pack" of Oak Hills by 94 points while only allowing them to score 14 points.  I want to say this is incredibly impressive, even better than the time Kobe's daughter's team celebrated by beating the hell out of a rec league team by 100,  but upon further review of the Oak Hills Christian College team photo, NDSU should have put up at least 200 points on The Pack. 

Wait Oak Hill, the prep school where Carmelo Anthony and other greats went to high school? Nope, this is Oak Hills from the National Christian College Athletic Association, but this team looks like it's from Hollywood central casting to play a team of lovable losers who come together through friendship, only realize it was never about winning, but the journey that got them all there, and through hilarity and hi-jinks end up saving the basketball program from the evil dean of the university who want's to turn the gym into a stuffy old library. 

Which leads me to the question we all need to know … Could Oak Hills beat the Barstool Rec League Team?

While The Pack is a legit team who has had practices and even more than 5 minutes of shoot around time to warm up before a game, the Barstool team has never had any of these things. You let Dr. Chris Klemmer draw up a play on his white board he didn't use once in 8 games, and a healthy Billy go berzerker mode to crash the boards … Barstool could beat The Pack.  Yup, said it. We could beat this team, or at least add another tie game to our rec league record. I don't care if it's a religious Christian school with God on their side. God was clearly not on their side against NDSU tonight in a 94 point loss.