Because It's The Cup: Will Ferrell Crashed A Bar In Columbus, Ohio To Fire Up LAFC Fans Before Tonight's MLS Cup

This is how you do it. This is how you start to fire up fans of the team you have a part ownership. I mean look at this man. He reverted back to Frank the Tank right here. He took one shot and started forgetting all about Home Depot. I love this though. I know, I know. Hollywood, acting it up, whatever you want to say. But Ferrell actually does care about LAFC. It's not the first time he started going crazy for them. Plus, who wants to travel to Columbus, Ohio? It's easily the 3rd best of the C cities in Ohio. I know from experience. 

I need more of this in the MLS though. We hear too many dumb stories from the MLS. Give me Will Ferrell going crazy. Give me anything that prevents the Crew from winning a title. I still can't believe FC Cincinnati blew that match last week at home. Can't happen. Not in the playoffs and not to a rival. But you want to see man embrace it all? That's Will Ferrell. 

Really needed him to have a beer bong though. Let's be honest. If you're on top of a bar and chanting, you gotta go full Frank the Tank. Really just goes to show you that when you become absurdly rich the smartest thing you can do is buy some sort of team or have some sort of ownership. Way better than anything else.