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A Guy Knocked His Girlfriend's Stepdad Out COLD After The Stepdad Slapped The Girl's Mom In Public


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When the knockout’s so bad your hand is stuck in the air like you’re still talking


I’m going to go out on a limb and assume everyone’s in agreement that a guy hitting a woman in public in front of his stepdaughter deserves a fist knocking him into an Andy Capp nap. Especially when you consider how heated that kid is. That is clearly a decisive fist of justice heading the stepdad’s way based on probable YEARS of being a scumbag to the poor Stockholm Syndrome wife and probably the daughter too because there is NO WAY you punch a girlfriend’s stepdad without it being well beyond a reasonable doubt. Thanksgiving is awkward enough with your girl’s family in a perfect situation, let alone one where you put the stepdad in a coma because of some 50/50 decision. That’s a move where there has to be no ambiguity.


But more than anything, this dude definitely has to marry that girl at this point, right? You can’t punch out a girl’s evil stepdad after he puts a hand on her mom without officially becoming the hero of her life. If they broke up, every guy after this bro wouldn’t possibly compare for that reason and that’s ignoring the fact that the stepdad is probably like Pavlov’s dog now looking out for some big ham fist if he ever tried shit with the mom again, no guy would even get a chance to tie things up. Knocking out a girl’s stepdad is like buying an engagement ring, booking a hall and knocking her up all in one swoop…you better be 1,000% in love before you go down that road.


(h/t Unilad)