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Gotta Hand It To The Steelers Receivers - They Are ELITE At Throwing Hissy Fits After Giving Zero Effort During Plays

I'm starting to think the Steelers are the funniest team in the league. I mean they still somehow have a winning record. They aren't a good team. But what really sets them apart? Their receivers are always and I mean always willing to quit on a play. In episode 1 we had Diontae Johnson: 

That clip still leaves me in awe. I mean, I truly am amazed that someone can give less of a shit. Now, let me be clear. George Pickens does not pass Pickens here. But my man got called out by Kirk Herbstreit in the middle of the game. 

Good effort 14! That's how you lay down a block. I mean, hey, I get receivers take some plays off on run plays. But rarely is it THIS bad. Receivers are the biggest babies in all of sports, or at least the most demonstrative about it. No catches? Gotta be DPI or it's a hissy fit on the sidelines. It's never their fault. They are always open. You know the normal lines here from receivers. That's what makes this look in the end zone even funnier: 

My 4-year old son does the same move when I tell him Paw Patrol isn't on while clearly lying or when it's not chicken nuggets for dinner or any other bullshit 4-years old cry over. Good news though Steelers fans, Pickens is clearly locked in on the sidelines and not pouting! 

Nothing cracks me up that pro athletes throwing hissy fits. It's typically a receiver, which always means the next game a quarterback will force passes to them. Set the clock and wait for a terrible interception because of it. Can't wait to see what Steelers receiver is next. The team, the team, the team.