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It's No Surprise That Stephen A. Smith Doesn't Know What Team Anyone In The NBA Plays For

I want to clown Stephen A Smith but how the fuck can you keep up with all the sports and random players? It was a little embarrassing not getting Dante Exum since he does play significant minutes for the Mavericks and also starts some games as well. You just need to realize that these bastards on TV don't know what they are talking about but are just there to entertain us. Stephen A. got one right during this entire segment. I want to have a problem with this, I really do. But I would rather you be entertaining than knowing the 8th guy on the Raptors. 

I actually think people are so weird that they think yeah you don't know sports if you don't know where some bench players play. But I think it truly just means I don't give a fuck about those players. It really doesn't matter to me where Ish Smith plays but I love this segment because it normalizes these guys to me. 

It's okay to fuck up and you saw Stephen A Smiths face when this segment came up and he knew he was fucked. One other thing he said was that his brain is still on football season that is just a fact. I have watched more NBA this year but NBA Brain turns on when Christmas Day arrives. I can't be worrying about it right now when were in Week 14 of football. Besides, there's simply just too many players. The amount of times I would be watching the NBA playoffs and see like Demarcus Cousins show up and be like "Oh shit he's on that team?". Anyway, it is just nice to see Stephen be a little humbled.