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'This Is Gonna Be The First Ass Whooping You Take' - Charles Barkley Wasted No Time Proving He's The Best On TV By Chirping Stephen A. Smith

This right here is why Charles Barkley is one of the best to do it. Do I care if that joke was written for him? Of course not. It's about the delivery and no one hits a delivery like Charles Barkley. He's a man who has spent his entire life in the shit talking business. Whether it was in the NBA or sitting alongside Shaq, Chuck is a pro at this. Stephen A. can yell, no doubt about that, but this is about delivering line for line with a man who does this for a living. No shot for Stephen A. 

This is what the In Season Tournament should be. I've liked it, it's been fine. I still think they can adjust it by making it a true elimination style, one week out in Vegas and not being East vs West, since, you know, the playoffs are that. But a week of these guys out there getting under each other's skin will be as entertaining as the basketball. Plus people go nuts for a selection show. Do it World Cup style where names are in pods based on rankings and draw it that way. You give people a bracket with it? Now we're cooking, Adam. 

I just need Charles to toe the line here. This was something he wanted to get out of the way quick. He hit his premeditated joke, like a jab in the first round. But now he needs Stephen A. to say something he disagrees with when it comes to the game. That's when Charles really starts to go. Forget the Kevin Hart Manningcast, give me these two. I want Chuck in his element.