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Fair Play: The College Football Committee Apparently Deleted Their Contact Page Because They Were Sick Of FSU Fans Going Ballistic On Them

Okay, I can confirm this is true. I went to the page, 404 like Pete or DevNest were working hard at it. That aid, do you know how fucking insane FSU fans have to be in order for this to happen? It's not like the committee actually sees anything. It's some sort of assistant dealing with the emails, faxes, letters, calls and everything else. But what do you expect? You left out a 13-0 team, which opened up everything that was a disaster about this. You have 5 major conferences and 4 spots. It rarely made sense, which is why I don't mind expansion for the playoffs. 8 would have been better than 12, but you needed to expand it somehow. 

That said, I think I want to respect this move from the committee. Just ignoring all the complaints is a time honored tradition. Oh you're mad at me? Well, I'll just ignore it and we'll move along until the next team can lose their shit on us. Only thing that would have been better was to put up a fake contact page. Just create something like Creed Thoughts and let FSU fans freak out to no one. 

Again, what did you expect here CFP? We're talking about college football fans. We're all lunatics, even when we don't have a shot to make the playoffs. Throw in an undefeated regular season with a controversy attached because of an injured QB and you were bound to get an endless amount of hate mail. 

We need them release the best ones though. Let us see the crazy you are working with. I'm lucky enough to be friends with a guy who went to FSU so I get to see .0001% of it all. They are lunatics! But so is every fanbase. That's why we need an accurate view of what made them shut it down. Oh, it also won't stop them. I saw the replies to the tweet, they kept the address. No shot they stop any time soon.