Brock Lesnar's Daughter Will Kick All Of Your Asses

Brock Lesnar's daughter Mya broke the school record for indoor women's shot put at Colorado State last week, launching that sucker 18.50 meters through the air - and now that I know she exists, it feels like the next generation of Lesnars dominating sports is now upon us.

Brock Lesnar has four kids total - Mya and her twin brother Luke with his ex-fiancé Nicole McClain, and then Turk and Duke (lol) with his wife Rena aka Sable, and the resemblance here is striking to say the least....

Yep. That's Brock Lesnar's daughter alright. You stare at her the wrong way and I bet you're on a one way trip to Suplex City the same as with her old man. I'm hesitant to even say any more just in case we ever come across each other in real life. I'd be twisted into a pretzel every which way before I could even say "Jimmy John's".

Many were quick to point out that if Mya ever gets into wrestling/combat sports, we could run back Lesnar/Mir in the next generation....

Imagine that? They'd be like the UFC's Adonis Creed/Drago Jr! Walking out to the family entrance themes - Enter Sandman and Amazing (feat. Young Jeezy), carrying on the legacy. It'd be amazing.

Jon P. Kopaloff. Getty Images.

As an almost complete side note, I just saw this video where Randy Orton describes meeting Brock Lesnar for the first time, and it cracked me up….

Picturing a young Brock Lesnar trying to run the ropes in a wrestling ring for the first time, but slipping between the top and middle rope and launching himself into dozens of folding chairs is fucking hysterical. He's like a bull set free at a rodeo, just crashing into walls/causing havoc anywhere he treads.