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Pour Some Gasolina Out: Daddy Yankee Is Retiring From Reggaton To Devote His Life To Christianity

Jason Koerner. Getty Images.

NBC -- Daddy Yankee is officially retiring from reggaeton to devote his life to his religious faith, the rapper said after ending his farewell tour, La Meta (The Goal), Sunday night in his homeland Puerto Rico.

The 46-year-old singer made the announcement in a lengthy speech following a larger-than-life performance of his global hit “Gasolina,” a song that marked the beginning of the globalization of reggaeton and catapulted him into mainstream success back in 2004.

In the name of the Father, the Son, and the Daddy Yankee. 

I'll tell ya what, man. I'm not the most religious guy in the world. I've never belonged to one at any point in my life. With that being said…this is a MASSIVE get for the Christians to lock Daddy Yankee up like that. Like if they start playing Daddy Yankee in church instead of those typical hymns or whatever, I'll be there every fucking Sunday bright and early. 

Now I'm not entirely sure why Daddy Yankee has to retire from reggaeton to be able to serve God. If anything, I figured that's what the big fella in the sky put him on this Earth to do. Daddy Yankee was serving a higher power by putting out banger after banger. The words he was singing in his songs? I couldn't understand 99% of them. But that didn't change the fact that you throw some Daddy Yankee on in the middle of a road trip and you'll have the whole car bumping. 

Gasolina obviously gets all the recognition and accolades for Daddy Yankee, but for my money I'd put "Limbo" at the top of his list. It's physically impossible to not shake your ass once this song comes on. 

With that being said, Gasolina if a Hall of Fame jam. One of the all-time greats that somehow only gets better with age. 

Don't even get me started on Despacito. I know it's not technically Daddy Yankee's song, but Despacito is nothing without DY. There are probably millions of kids on this planet whose parents got pregnant with them while listening to this track. 

People be fuckin' to that song. 

Even Rompe gets the people going. Folks want to act as if Daddy Yankee was some sort of one hit wonder, but go through his discography and you'll realize this dude was launching heat seeking missiles all throughout the early 2000s. 

So again, I'd argue that God's plan for him was to bring the world immense joy with one spicy Latin hit at a time. Maybe just give us an album with reggaeton remixes of church hymns. Jesus died for our sins, but we don't need Daddy Yankee to stop making music for them, too.