Congratulations To David Carr, Becomes Biggest Dumbass In The Media For Suggesting The Eagles Start Marcus Mariota Over Jalen Hurts

Alright so here's the thing--I get it. I really do. 

For the majority of the year, nobody even remembers that David Carr even exists. Any time you bring up his name, everybody's initial reaction is, "oh my god, I totally forgot about David Carr". The rock musical "Rent" taught us that there are 525,600 minutes in a year. It'll probably take you 4 minutes to read this blog, meaning that you'll forget David Carr exists for 525,596 minutes this year. So this dick bag has to go out there and say some outlandish nonsense just to stir up a reaction and get people to acknowledge him. It's a sad life, but that's what life turns into when you are historically one of the worst #1 draft picks that the game of football has ever seen. 

The Philadelphia Eagles are 10-2. They have the best record in football, despite the shellacking they took from San Francisco this past weekend. Jalen Hurts is in the top 5 best odds to win the NFL MVP this year. He was the NFL MVP runner-up last season after leading the Eagles to another Super Bowl appearance. 

In the past 2 seasons, Marcus Mariota has been benched in Atlanta, played some of the most abysmally uninspiring football possible for the Eagles this preseason, and has taken like 3 snaps this entire year. 

It doesn't matter if it's a bait take to just get engagement or not, anybody who even jokingly suggests that Marcus Mariota should start for the Eagles over Jalen Hurts shouldn't be allowed to get paid US legal tender to talk about sports. The United States government should be able to tax David Carr's entire salary after some nonsense like that, and they should force David Carr to donate his brain to science. 

Jalen Hurts isn't 100% healthy at the moment. I get that. But it's week 14 of the NFL season. Nobody is fully healthy. I'll take a 12.73% Jalen Hurts over a 100% healthy Marcus Mariota any day of the week, and especially on this upcoming Sunday against Dallas. So congratulations to David Carr. Somehow he's managed to have an even more embarrassing career talking about football professionally than he did playing it.