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Tyler Buchner Is Transferring Back To Notre Dame To Help Them Win Back-To-Back National Championships

Tyler Buchner was named the starting quarterback at Notre Dame before the 2022 season and had Irish fans like Chief ejaculating their pants with excitement. 

Then he got injured in week 2, needed to get surgery, and lost his starting role. So after the season was over, he hit the transfer portal and followed OC Tommy Rees to Alabama. Obviously it hasn't worked out for him at Alabama with Jalen Milroe turning out to be a stud. So for the 2nd straight year, Tyler Buchner is heading to the transfer portal. Only this time, he's transferring sports as well. 

Spark notes version: Tyler Buchner was nasty at lacrosse as an 8th grader. So nasty that he ended up committing to Michigan before he even got to high school. Unfortunately, that's not the way it works and that verbal commitment didn't mean anything after he decided to focus on football and commit to Notre Dame. But sometimes in order to move forward, you have to be willing to go back. And now it looks like Tyler Buchner is heading back to South Bend, only this time with a lacrosse stick in his hand. 

So he's about to go win a national championship with Alabama, and then head back to Notre Dame to join the reigning national champs in lacrosse. Not a bad set up, if we're being honest. 

Now I already said in a previous blog that there are a ton of kids out there who are nasty at lacrosse as 8th graders before everybody else catches up to them. He didn't have a senior season in high school because of COVID, and now spent the past 3 years playing football. So I don't know if the reigning national champs necessarily have a need for Tyler Buchner on the field. But I do love how Notre Dame is addicted to the football/lax crossovers. They already have a couple of those guys on their team right now with Sam Assaf and Jordan Faison. They've had guys before like Will Yeatman and Nick Ossello in the past. This is just a meathead lacrosse program who wants to have as many football guys as humanly possible on their roster. This team is addicted to grit, and that's how you win a national championship. Tyler Buchner might not have much of a role to play on the field, but he's just adding to that culture. 

And maybe there's a chance he gets back on the football team there. I'm sure that won't be awkward at all. Cue the uNDefeated Blog!