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The Bar That Gave Out Free Beer Until Iowa Scored During The Big Ten Championship Is Doing It Again For The Citrus Bowl And Might Go Out Of Business At This Rate

X-Golf in Cedar Rapids, Iowa is addicted to giving away free beer. The golf simulator bar ran a promotion giving away free booze until Iowa scored against Michigan in the Big Ten Championship Game, but the Hawkeyes never managed to get on the board. And for some reason, X-Golf is running it back for the Citrus Bowl against Tennessee.

The Vols' defense is nothing close to Michigan's, but it's solid enough to keep Iowa at zero for at least a half, if not longer. If UT gives up more than 10 points to the worst offense in the history of college football, I'm going to be very upset about it.

I'm just glad to see X-Golf is still in business, much less in a position to be able to do this again. It seems like quite the risk to run this back after watching the Hawkeyes gain 155 yards and turn the ball over three times while getting shut out, but I have to assume the fine folks at X-Golf know what they're doing. I hope the free promo is helping to make up for the bath they've taken on this thing.

The biggest shame in all of this is that New Year's Day will be the last time we ever get to see a Brian Ferentz Iowa offense. It's things like that hapless unit that make college football beautiful. He will be dearly missed.