"Rizz" Is Oxford Dictionary's Word Of The Year Unfortunately

David M. Benett. Getty Images.

The stodgy academics in Oxford have chosen "Rizz" as their word of the year. At least Gen Z and us older folks can roll our eyes together, albeit for different reasons. I'd guess those youngsters have already moved on from rizz and would scoff at anyone caught dead uttering the word, while a 34-year-old geezer like me hears it and wants to asphyxiate on my own vomit. 


Language experts choosing the Oxford word of the year 2023 were dazzled by a bright young thing, selecting a relative newcomer, “rizz,” for the top spot.

Derived from the word “charisma,” “rizz” refers to a person’s ability to attract a romantic partner through “style, charm or attractiveness,” dictionary publisher Oxford University Press (OUP) said in its announcement Monday. 

The other finalists were “prompt,” the instruction given to an artificial intelligence program that influences the content it creates; “situationship,” which means a romantic partnership that is not considered to be formal or established; and lastly, “Swiftie” - the name given to an avid fan of singer Taylor Swift.

Honestly surprised "body count" wasn't a finalist. These YouTube street interviewers/pranksters seem obsessed with body count, rizz, penis size, smashing or passing, kissing or slapping, how much New Yorkers pay in rent, what a New Yorker does for a living, etc. I miss the old days when my Instagram feed was filled with dash cam footage from horrific car accidents on Siberian highways. 

The other finalists were "situationship," "prompt," and "Swiftie." As far as bridging generational gaps, Swiftie would have been the best choice. That would have brought us all together. I'd never heard of "prompt" in this context, as I stay away from AI in some desperate attempt to not lose my job (it's just the words you write to an AI generator when you want an answer apparently?) And situationship is "a relationship that lacks commitment and the associated norms and expectations." I guess "fuck buddies" is out of vogue. 

Oh well. Oh well.