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The Guy: Jordan Love Just Out-Played Patrick Mahomes And Beat The Chiefs On Sunday Night Football to Fully Ignite The Packers' Season

Stacy Revere. Getty Images.

After a two touchdown Week 8 loss to the Vikings at home the Packers were left for dead at 2-5 on the year. Jordan Love was a mixed bag and full of unanswered questions and issues. The youngest offensive unit in football was playing like the inexperienced, fish out of the water group that they were. The defense was trash. LaFleur was coaching scared. Nothing was going right. 

Five weeks later the Packers have rattled off four wins and have themselves currently positioned as the 7 seed in the NFC playoff picture. Jordan Love has ascended into being the clear future of the team, the defense has played their ass off, and that young offensive core has found something. 

I genuinely never saw this coming after the Vikings game. I cannot believe how good Love looks right now. It's a completely different quarterback than what we saw against the Raiders, Vikings, and Broncos. Everything honestly seems easy for him. The protection has been amazing also, with a big assist coming the way of Zach Tom. But man, the confidence exuding from Love is obvious and exciting. Over his last three games he's thrown for 857 yards 8 touchdowns and committed zero turnovers. This isn't everything a Packers fan could have dreamed of. It's more. 

Okay this one had some luck to it, but when you're good you get lucky. 

This one was a laser. Flat footed to the back of the end-zone, in a spot only Watson could get to. 

Guy just out-played Patrick Mahomes on primetime. Taylor Swift going to sleep tonight dreaming of Love throwing passes to Kelce in the end zone. Crazy. Packers defense was on their game too don't get me wrong. The pressure they had Mahomes face early on helped Green Bay get out to the early lead. Nixon came through with a ginormous pick thanks to his kick returner hands being in the right spot at the perfect time. 

And sure you want to talk refs I bet. Was that DPI at the end of the game? Yes. Did the Chiefs also benefit from a bullshit personal foul on Mahomes when he was still in bounds? Yes. Did the ref inexplicably stop the clock while MVS was being tackled going backwards, and not out of bounds? Also yes. How about no 10 second run-off after the fumble review inside a minute? They fucked that up too. 

So don't tell me the refs are the reason the Packers won that game. It goes both ways. They sucked no doubt, and are a continued league wide issue, but the Packers deservingly won that game by out-playing KC in every way. What a win. 

Green Bay now finds themselves 6-6, and the 7 seed in the NFC. Their remaining games? @NYG, vs TB, @CAR, @MINN, vs CHI. The Packers, Vikings, Rams, and Seahawks are all 6-6 and fighting for two playoff spots. 9-8 is very much there, but so is 10-7 with that schedule. If Love continues this play they're getting in. It's fucking crazy given how bad things looked a month ago, but the vibe around this team is a complete 180. MLF actually coaching like a solid offensive mind. Joe Barry is not losing them games at the moment. It's all clicking right now. What a fun surprise. I never gave up on Love if you go back and read my blogs on them this year. I had no faith LaFleur could turn this around though. I questioned everything Gute did. Still not in love with him, but hey this is working. Let's keep it going next Monday night at MetLife. 

Poor Bears fans. 

Official Jordan Love is the guy meter: 8.8/10.