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Gillie & Wallo Just Added A Handsome SOB To Their Knockout Party PPV Next Friday Night (Me)

Look who made it on the poster bitch! If you haven't heard we have 20 fights coming next Friday night from Wilmington, DE and I'm pretty damn excited to be joining Gillie & Wallo on their KO Party commentary team. Not only some of the most entertaining creators we have here at Barstool but also an added bonus for me of being genuine boxing fans. Trust me, we're gonna cook. 

And this event will be a little different than a typical RNR since it's sanctioned as "stand-up striking" so there are some moves like backfists + Superman punches that are legal here but not in pure amateur boxing. Should be the same level of chaos and unpredictable highlights though. The card just got locked in with Philly locals fighting against every other state possible, rappers vs comedians, 2 chicks from Cleveland who blew the same guy and hate each other, a 4'5'' vs 4'6'' main event, along with everyone's favorite ring girl contest too. 

We'll also have Rone reporting from the sidelines along with Darius Kinney, who is actually fighting that night as well. Should be a wild night in Delaware and I'll be there with bells on ready for some sweet sweet science. Get your tickets + PPV at