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Machine Gun Kelly Has Offered Travis Kelce $1 Million Cash To Come Home And Play For The Browns

I'll pitch in a $20. So Trav, you can make that $1,000,020 to continue to play for many years to come despite reportedly contemplating retirement, ditching Patrick Mahomes, and coming to play for the most cursed, embarrassing franchise in the National Football League after your contract ends two and a half years from now. Deal or No Deal??

Listen, I'd take him. No doubt about it. He is arguably the best Tight End to ever play the game, and even though he'll be 36 years old at the time, I'm sure he could still help out. I mean, our current guy can't catch any balls except a fireball to the face. So yeah, the Cleveland Browns fan in me will pitch in for the GoFundMe to bring the hometown kid back home. But the personal advice consultant in me? Travis Kelce, you are an absolute MORON if you even think about coming back to Cleveland.

The fact of the matter is that when you can hitch your wagon to a generational talent like Patrick Mahomes, you never leave him. There are certain people that can take average people and make them great, and they can make great people into elite ones. Think of the Barstool Chicago Office these days. Big Cat is so elite that he makes stars just from being around him. He asks you to move there? You go in a heartbeat. I think everyone there would agree that while some may be talented, this whole company doesn't lose a beat unless a man by the name of Dan Katz or Dave Portnoy changes professions. So point being: when you catch passes from Pat Mahomes, you milk that cow for all it's worth, and then when you have enough milk to dip your cookies for the rest of your life, you hang up the cleats. You don't go to Cleveland.

Is Travis Kelce, Travis Kelce without Patrick Mahomes? Or is he just a pretty good Tight End. Is he really just Mark Andrews in a Chiefs jersey?

**I do have two questions about this story though:

1.) Do people with $40,000,000 net worths get super excited over 500K? MGK said Kelce gets half a mill for himself, and then half a mill goes to Shaker Heights / Cleveland Heights schools. I don't know, I guess all I'm saying is I'm worth about two grand. If you gave me $10, I wouldn't make any life changing decisions for the worse. So while this seems like a crazy offer on the surface, I don't even think it's appealing.

2.) Do we get a MGK / Taylor Swift collaboration if this happens?