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Dak Prescott, Not A Leader, Completely Throws His Coaches Under The Bus For His Awful "Yeah Here We Go" Cadence

Dak Prescott is having a pretty solid regular season. No doubt about that. He's played himself into the MVP conversation, and is the main reason why the Dallas Cowboys are 9-3 right now. He's thrown for the most touchdowns in the league so far, has gotten his interceptions under control, and the Cowboys are right up there as one of the best teams in the NFC. 

With all that being said...

Well I just don't think the NFL can give the Cowboys another nationally televised broadcast until he gets rid of the "yeahhhhh here we gooooooo" cadence. At the very least, these networks need to be all over the mute button every time Dak is under center at home. It's infuriating. You spend your entire night screaming at your television for him to shut up. I'm not saying he needs to be like everybody else in the world and just say "green 18". He can get creative with a whatever color/number combo he wants. But "yeah here we go" is going to drive everybody up the wall if the Cowboys end up with a couple home playoff games. 

And clearly Dak hates it as well because the first chance he got to speak about it, he immediately threw the blame over to his coaching staff and linemen. 

He had a chance to take ownership here. Just a layup of a question from Fitzmagic, and Dak immediately throws the coaches under the bus. You think Jalen Hurts would ever do that? You think he'd ever single out his teammates and coaches like that? No chance. Great leaders always point the first finger at themselves. Clearly nobody has ever taught Dak Prescott that lesson before. 

Really makes you wonder just what's going on inside that Cowboys locker room right now. Winning is capable of masking a lot of issues. Who knows what could happen if they start to drop a few of these games. Are the Cowboys just a few quick losses away from total catastrophic meltdown? It's hard to say. But undoubtedly yes. 

Sidenote: Where does it stop? If we have Dak out there screaming "yeah here we go" before every snap, there are going to be kids out there who think they can just go around saying anything pre-snap. Where does it end? Dak needs to think about the kids here and shut that shit down.