A Message To Dante The Don: Don't Go To The Zoo And Complain You Saw A Lion Den

For the record I like Dante a lot. Been good to me for a long time at Barstool. Even cut up a special Levels mix for me one time, used to have banger mixes including a big Whitney Houston mashup on Soundcloud like a 100 years ago before I ever even met him. Reached out with books and tips during my mental breakdown. Good guy.

(do have to mention he absolute hosed me on the Pizza Fest fiasco but my motto in 2023 is don't sweat the small stuff, so no harm no foul ... other than of course Dave hammering me on Pick Em) 

Anyway. Dante's been around for a long ass time. Worked the Blackout Tour for Christ sakes traveling the coast as one of Gaz's minions. Trapped in Motel 6's in small ass cities watching the origin of Gaz becoming one of the biggest club guys in America while spinning EDM to college kids and 20 somethings at foam parties. Also while sharing a bed with Feits snoring his face off. Guy earned his keep. Absolute respect to Dante for time served with Barstool. 

Which is why it shocked me so much to read his tweet. "Hopefully the warden can get control of the inmates again and stop them from taking over the asylum." Hey Dante ... what the fuck did you expect ? They put some of the biggest content guys we got (and Nate and Cheah), and maniac personalities under one roof and you expect us to be civilized?  Dave bought a house for 42 million dollars in Nantucket and it's collecting dust because he's assembling puzzle pieces while blindfolded and sleeping in his 6 foot by 6 foot office. You think he's gonna be happy about it? You don't think he's gonna go balls to the wall ? Will Compton played 10 years in the NFL he's gotta share a room with Hank and Feits have a battle of who's the bigger lunatic with their sleep patterns. You think he ain't gonna play hard ? 

This is a Lion Den. People want tickets to the zoo. Don't be crying when you see someones head get ripped off. Don't be upset when we attack the glass. Don't be weak in the knees when it's kill or be killed. This is what makes compelling television. You want us to stand in line and shake hands after a challenge and say good game ? Or you want to see us complain, bitch, fight and threaten each others lives ? Last time I checked, the latter makes for better television. I was shocked that an OG Barstool guy is wishing we sing koombaya and hug the whole competition. Once again Dante ... the people want to see the wild animals fighting for the lives and competing to the death on the nature channel and in reality shows they don't want to see happiness and scenic shots of a walrus taking a bath. 

To quote myself in reference to this cast ... 

 "they are prize fighters, they are suicide bombers, you can't put these guys in USO shows...they gotta go they wanna fucking go these guys."

Toughen up Dante … you willingly went to the zoo that advertised wild animals and now you're mad you saw some lions.