Taking Back Sunday Crashed A Fan's Wedding To Serenade Them On The Dance Floor Last Month

I interviewed Taking Back Sunday frontman Adam Lazzara last week, and broke down the band's new album '152' track-by-track with him - which was awesome - but we also discussed the recent backyard show they held for a music video shoot....

....and the fan's wedding they just crashed....

It's pretty wild how quickly it all came together, too! According to Lazzara, the bride (Sammi) messaged the band on Instagram to say how much they meant to her and her husband, and just wanted to share the funny coincidence that they were getting married on the day Taking Back Sunday's new record dropped. She didn't ask anything of them, but still - from there, the band had their management team find and reach out to the maid-of-honor, set up the surprise, and then they packed up their gear and drove two hours away to this wedding for this moment….

It's pretty awesome seeing how elated the newlyweds are in the video. I mean, your favorite band walking out to serenade you and your new wife/husband on your wedding day is some fairytale come true shit.

By the way, who would be the funniest band to crash a wedding and give a sincere performance? KoRn? You'd just have Jonathan Davis barking at your aunt's cleavage all night on the dance floor? Or, in a similar vein, maybe Slipknot? Masks, kegs, baseball bats and all?

Mick Hutson. Getty Images.

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