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Jesse Marsch Destroyed The USMNT For Not Having A Signature Win, But Really Just Showed How Idiotic We Are For Re-Hiring Gregg Berhalter

I don't care if you want to argue one of the wins over Mexico was a signature win. You could make a case that win over Iran to get out of group stage was a signature win, but, I mean it was Iran. We should have no problem beating a team like Iran. I get what Marsch is saying here. There's no Spain in 2009 or whatever other notable win you want to put out there. The fact is this team desperately needs something they can point to as hey, we can compete with the big boys. 

What it also showed is how idiotic we are for re-hiring Gregg Berhalter. I won't stop beating that drum. It made no sense then, it makes less sense now. If he doesn't get a notable win at Copa America how do you keep this clown? We're hosting the 2026 World Cup with actual expectations to get past the Round of 16. That's no longer the barrier for the US. That's no longer saying hey we made it out of group stage, time to shit the bed against the Netherlands. 

I love the CBS group trying to put Marsch on the spot about coaching this team. It's no secret that it was a rumor for him to be here. I have no idea if he even would have worked out, but there's gotta be someone, anyone better than Gregg. We can't keep screwing up easy lineup decisions - even as recently in the loss to Trinidad and Tobago when he left 2 strikers out there despite playing with 10 guys. We can't have the Netherlands disaster again. We gotta start playing real countries in friendlies and not be afraid to play. That's the problem. 

In Copa America we will be seeing Argentina, Brazil, Uruguay, etc. If you can't compete with them fire Gregg on the field. This team finally has talent all over the place and you can't screw it up. You have guys all in their prime, depth at spots and you can't screw it up. Yeah, the guys on the field have to finish shots and not lose their mind like Dest did, but it's also on the coach to adapt and put out real lineups consistently. 

Berhalter out.