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Corey Perry Has Officially Had His Contract Terminated By The Blackhawks For A "Work Place" Violation

I haven't gotten this many texts, tweets, and DMs since... the last Blackhawks scandal. 

1) I don't know anything for sure. I have asked people. People have assured me that it wasn't the rumor that is swirling about Bedard's mom. 

2) I don't know anything for sure. This statement reads to me like his conduct was with another Blackhawks employee

3) I don't know anything for sure. I was told that Perry did travel with the team to Columbus and the incident happened there.

3) I don't know anything for sure. IF I were the Blackhawks I would leak whatever actually happened and do whatever it takes to stop the internet machine which is damaging your most prized asset. 

5) Noted scumbag did something scummy and had to be dismissed before Thanksgiving. Great decision to bring him in as the veteran leader. 

6) The Blackhawks have handled basically everything so terribly for so long that their reputation is in the shitter. They treat mundane things like state secrets. When you have no authenticity and you treat people badly people think the worst and wish the worst upon you. Nobody trusts them. Very few people like them. There's a reason why so many sponsors have stopped doing business with the Blackhawks. 

7) I don't know anything for sure. I just listen. They should start telling the truth as a policy.