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It Turns Out Hue Jackson May In Fact NOT Be A Good Head Coach As Grambling Has Now Parted Ways With Him After 2 Seasons

Whew. Although this may be bad news for one Hubert Jackson, at least the Browns are off the hook. I was getting concerned that it was Cleveland that was the problem. Because we all remember the historic 1-15 first season he had with the Browns, only to follow it up with a legendary 0-16 year. And after a 2-5-1 opening to his 3rd season, Cleveland got rid of him. But if you recall, Hue pointed more fingers than Ganesha giving directions. His favorite pastime in Cleveland, aside from not holding anyone accountable or making them practice, was to play the Blame Game. And it continued many years after his departure as well.

Look, no one's ever going to accuse the Browns of being a well run organization, but this guy wasn't incentivized to lose SHIT. He was just flat out dumb and lacked any semblance of self-awareness. So I hate to say this, but I'm glad Grambling parted ways with him today. Chalk another W up for the Browns this year. We didn't screw over Hue Jackson; he's just a shitty coach. I'll say this though: if it weren't for Hue Jackson, the Browns wouldn't have been bad enough to get the #1 draft pick and select Myles Garrett. And for that, I am forever indebted to him.

Anyways, looks like he finished 8-14 during his time at Grambling, with two losing seasons. I wonder if we're going to get a book about this one too.....?

So I guess the question is: was Grambling incentivizing him to lose too? Whatever, this SHOULD finally be the last stop of the illustrious Hue Jackson coaching career. Even though I do think my Middle School is looking for a new 7th grade coach for next year…..?