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Mike Elko's Texas A&M Introductory Presser Looked Like A Cult Initiation Ceremony

It's a good thing Mike Elko has already spent some time in College Station, because his introductory press conference might have scared someone else off before the ink on the contract was dry. The guy just wants to have a nice, easy presser where he introduces himself and his family, says he's bringing a culture change to the program and all that other worthless nonsense coaches say during these things and then go get his office set up. But instead, he's up on stage singing the fight song and being forced to sway back and forth along with everyone in the room.

Who are all those people, by the way? That room should presumably be filled with members of the media, but it seems they just invited anyone in College Station who wanted to come down and listen to the new ball coach. And of course, you have the male cheerleaders who grab each other's dicks front and center leading the whole thing. Never change, A&M.

On a somewhat related note, by the way, I've always had an issue with A&M referring to Texas as "varsity" in its fight song. You're admitting you're the cuck in that relationship — which isn't incorrect, but you don't have to glorify it. But whatever floats your boat.