Dan Hurley Claims UConn Shot Like Shit Last Night Because Players Are On Their Phones And Video Game Headsets Instead Of The Gym

This is a hilarious quote because 1) so many coaches blame phones and video games and 2) UConn set history last night. They won their 24th straight nonconference game by double digits. That's a record. Don't tell Dan Hurley that. Oh no, he's going to get pissed about 4-for-28 from three and rightfully so. That stinks. And like Hurley said, they were wide open! Embarrassing for this to be the final score: 

84 points on 4-for-28 from three is pretty damn impressive, even if it was against New Hampshire. But nothing makes me laugh more than coaches losing their shit on players doing normal things. We're talking about one of the 4 best teams in the country here. This isn't like they are struggling. But Dan Hurley wants those goddamn video game headsets off. 

I'm shocked he didn't sound older to be honest. Usually when a coach goes on this sort of rant we get their age really coming out. He's up to date with the headsets. But I'm shocked we didn't get like a Duck Hunter or Atari reference in here. That would have been peak Hurley. Just repeating whatever his dad said to him when he was like 14 years old. 

I'm sure he's also doing this because of the week UConn has coming up. At Kansas on Friday, UNC neutral next Tuesday. We'll get a feel about just how good this team is and especially how good Clingan is against Dickinson and Bacot. You know he's going to have them in the gym. This is how you send a message. Make fun of the millennials to the press.