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Scott Hanson Kept Broadcasting On RedZone While The Studio Was Being Evacuated And Sirens Were Going Off

As I was just watching NFL Redzone, I sat there for a few minutes thinking the aliens hacked my brain, or that the tinnitus in my ears had reached a new level of hell. I could swear I heard a siren going off. But it wasn't outside on the streets of Chicago. It was in my living room. Was my building having a fire alarm? I went out to the door and checked the hallway. Nope.

As I got back to the couch, Scott Hanson came on over the Bills-Eagles game coverage to say the NFL Redzone studio was being mandatorily evacuated. While the siren continued to go on in the background.

Laugh out loud funny after he assured us everybody was safe and he was just as confused as everybody else.

Let the record show, that the unflappable, stud that he is, Scott Hanson couldn't have handled things more calmly. Got that guy is smooth. 

p.s. - has there ever been a bigger mismatch than the Scott Hanson vs. Siciliano one? 

p.p.s. - I can't believe I'm asking this, but are the Broncos the hottest team in football right now?