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"I Couldn’t See Anything Because There Were Internet Problems" - Former Wimbledon Finalist David Nalbandian After Being Caught Secretly Filming His Ex-Girlfriend In Her Bedroom

David Nalbandian is a former tennis player whose claim to fame was reaching the Wimbledon Final in 2002 against Lleyton Hewitt. Once ranked as no. 3 in the world he carved out a pretty solid career with over $11M in earnings. He also once kicked a lines judge in frustration during a match. 

Up until a few days ago that's what he was known for. That has now changed after he was caught filming his ex-girlfriend in her bedroom after their split. Tough. 

(Daily Mail) Former Argentine tennis star David Nalbandian - who reached the Wimbledon final in 2002 - has been accused of secretly filming his ex-girlfriend after they split.

The report claims the Argentine - who was in a relationship with Torrado between September 2022 to June 2023 - installed a camera in the apartment the couple lived in in Palermo, Italy, after their split to continue monitor her. 

When Torrado's brother visited the flat, he reportedly noticed a bizarre glow behind an air shaft before removing the cover and finding the camera.The camera was installed in Torrado's bedroom, leaving the model and influencer in shock.

Can't do that. Going with the ol' hide the camera in the vent play which was quickly snuffed out by the ex's brother. Pretty good eyes if we're being honest. No shot I spot that thing, but I'm also the least observant person there is. 

Here's the kicker though. Initially the authorities didn't find enough evidence to pin the camera on Nalbandian. That was until his ex stumbled into some recordings of him admitting to the filming. 

She had originally reported Nalbandian to police immediately, but a lack of evidence saw the charges dropped.

However, Torrado and her lawyers persisted and showed audio recordings and messages which allegedly led to Nalbandian admitting to filming her.  

Argentine newspaper La Nacion report that in a voice message the former tennis star allegedly said: 'Do you want me to be honest? Yes, I set up the camera.  'But I couldn’t see anything because there were internet problems.'

Classic internet problems. Sure he admits to setting up this secret spy camera on his ex but there were glitches so it was blurry. Ask the Erin Andrews dude how that excuse turned out. Not sure that holds up well in court, although maybe in Argentina? 

Have to imagine this is as much of a layup win for Araceli as there can be. Not even sure you need a lawyer. Just show up to court and play the recordings. Boom. Lawsuit W. It's good to be Araceli Torrado.