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Susan Sarandon's Honkers Are All Over The Internet and Her Son Would Like You to Stop Posting Them

I'm sorry if this is disrespectful to Susan Sarandon's son Miles. I'm not just trying to be rude, or come up with any excuse to post a blog with the word honkers in the title just to get some clicks. I'm teaching you a valuable lesson about the internet. 

You see, what Susan Sarandon's son Miles is doing here is bit of a Danny Boy Canes situation. DannyBoyCane didn't like what was happening on the internet, so he addressed it. 

AT NO POINT was DannyBoyCane attacked by a bear. He never had one iota of swine flu. He's not the son of a bitch who didn't pay. But as soon as you give it any attention, guys like BigPapaCane, Sebastian91, Hulkacaniac, and BarstoolBigCat just perpetuate the rumor even harder. That's how it goes every time. 

You've gotta know better than that Miles. In 99/100 cases, if you don't like something that's happening, politely asking the internet to stop is the exact opposite of what you need to do. Just ignore it. People are going to get bored and move on to the next set of honkers in no time.

Also, Miles, your mother is beautiful woman. She looks great in that photo. Honkers aside, Susan Sarandon is an icon. I think. Honestly, I don't know shit about Susan Sarandon. I just feel like she's one of those actresses where I could confidently say in a room full of of strangers, "Well, she's an icon." and everyone would nod their head in agreement. You should be proud of her honkers.

So, again, sorry for posting the honkers Miles. Consider this a lesson on how to deal with the internet.

Another lesson would be to promote your company’s entire store on the Internet being 20% off during the busiest shopping time of the year by putting a link to it at the bottom of a blog that will almost definitely get a ton of clicks.