Jets Make Black Friday A Nightmare By Throwing A Fail Mary

I spend far too much time defending the Jets to people who say they will be bad simply because they are the Jets. People (almost always non-Jets fans) will say the team is cursed or doomed to fail or some other bullshit. You hear the same shit about the Mets (but never the Trailblazers or Blue Jays or other teams that haven't had recent success but I digress). 

Having said all of that, plays like the above clip really do feel like they can only be made by the Jets: a comedy of errors and being totally inept. You have to give new QB Tim Boyle credit. He managed to have an iconic Jets moment before even finishing his first full game as a starter.

Mike Stobe. Getty Images.

It's not actually Boyle's fault. It's a nearly impossible situation for a QB and the blame should lie more on the offensive players on the field that proved not not only are they bad at their primary positions, they suck at playing defense too. But it also is Boyle's fault because he is awful and they are constantly in these desperate chances to get any offense at all. Could this play had happened to Aaron Rodgers? Sure. But they also would have likely had more than three total points on offense if Rodgers was playing. 

So now what? The Jets find themselves down 17-6 which feels like 170-6. The Dolphins should win this game easily and push the Jets even closer to a better draft pick. This will be the 13th year in a row the Jets will miss the playoffs. The last time the Jets made the playoffs was 1/23/2011. How long ago was that? Only three Marvel movies in the MCU had been released.

The NFL has said they want to possibly have the Jets host the Black Friday game every year. I hate the idea of curses or a franchise failing because they simply are that franchise. But, I'd be lying if I wasn't starting the mental process of dealing with the day after Thanksgiving being absolute shit for the rest of my life.

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