It's Time To Embrace NFL Football On A Friday So Here's The Full List Of Every Freaky Football Friday Game

Knock, knock! It's the NFL. Hope you enjoyed your food coma and three Thanksgiving football games because it's time for leftovers on both. 

Seriously dude? I wasn't ready for this at all. Can't I have one day to lay in bed half hungover half battling instant on-set diabetes? I thought there was a law or a biblical commandment or something that probitited pro football on a Friday, let alone Black Friday. Oh well. May as well lean into leftover football. Throw the Jets/Dolphins in the microwave and let it cure the aftermath of trying to go toe-to-toe with your uncle-in-law who brings his own bottles of scotch to Thanksgiving and tells you every year he definitely doesn't have a drinking problem. 

Real NFL betters need to battle the tryptophan and get their head in the game. If you wanna know ball you need to review the full history of NFL football on a Friday listed above. Overall a lot points seem to be scored. Seems pretty evident that NFL defenses are not programmed or just flat refuse to do any work on a Friday. Pretty relatable if you ask me. The last five games hit the over and seven out of the last ten. 

But this is the first post-Thanksgiving Friday game in NFL history and only the second in November. You never know how players are going to respond. As students of the game, we can at least review some of the notable Friday games of football past. What else are you going to while lazing in bed waiting for kickoff?

New York Yankees vs Pottsville Maroons (1927)

We all remember listening to this game on Dolby Digital high def morse code. Babe Ruth and the Yankees got the best of the old grotchety rich guy from It's a Wonderful Life, 19-12.

Chicago Bears vs Cleveland Indians (1931)

I'm not sure what the deal was with all these baseball teams playing football back in the day but the Bears won 21-0 much to the satisfaction of Virginia McCaskey watching from the comfort of her first wheelchair. 

Let's skip a few

Los Angeles Rams (1960s to 1970)

The Rams played and won four consecutive NFL Friday games including two that came in the same month! Not sure what the thinking here was. Was there nothing else for people to do on a Friday night in LA??? 

Dolphins / Jets (1983)

That's right - today's game isn't even the first Dolphins/Jets Friday game. We have ourselves a rematch 40 years in the making. The Dolphins won this one in style ending the game with two Mike Kozlowski pick-six returns. This would be the first Friday game I have spread data on and this effort from Kozlowski gave over betters something to celebrate over the weekend. 

Dolphins / Chiefs October 21, 2005

This is the only game since 1986 that occured on a Friday that wasn't on Christmas Eve, Christmas, or New Year's Eve. Like being born with three siblings aged between 10-14 years old, this Friday game was not planned. But whoopsies happen in all facets of life including football. Hurricane Wilma was coming up the coast towards Miami so the NFL moved the game up to stay ahead of the storm. Shout out to Dolphins quarterback Sage Rosenfels who had a perfect passer rating going 1/1 for 77 yards and a touchdown. 

Chargers / Titans Christmas 2009

Jeff Fisher would come into this game with a Jeff Fisher record (7-7) before falling to the Chargers in another shootout. The 7-8 Titans would then finish the season the following week with a final record of Jeff Fisher. 

Saints / Vikings Christmas 2020

Anyone that had Alvin Kamara in fantasy remembers the six Christmas presents he put up to win you your championship in the first game of the week. I'd love to get data from Apple to see how many people "left the chat" during that game alone. 

Anyway - I'm taking the over in light of all of this incredibly dubious and spurious data based solely on a day of the week. That's the level of critical thought I have to offer after demolishing back-to-back nights of Thanksgiving dinners and watching three games. I have no regrets. It was all amazing.

But I'm ready for leftovers. 

- Jeffro