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LET EM BRAWL: Shaka Smart Ain't Scared Of Bill Self Or Kansas, Was Ready To Fight At Mid-Court Before Getting Held Back

Come on, it's late night. It's the Maui Invitational. Let the boys fight! Shaka Smart had that crazy look in his eye, he was ready to go. We were about to find out if the rumor of Bill Self's toupee is real. We were ready to find out if a crafty vet like Self still has it against the up-and-comer. We should be allowed one coach fight per year. I mean we all had to sit through Purdue/Tennessee foul fest, we deserve a reward. 

You may be wondering what started this. Good question. Here's what's out there so far: 

Apparently he said that to Kevin McCullar right after this flop by Hunter Dickinson:

Turns out it was McCullar according to the broadcast. He was chirping at Shaka and the bench after hitting a 3, so Shaka hit him with a shut the fuck up. Nothing like a solid shut the fuck up. It plays all the time. Fair all around though. I don't think coaches should be held back from talking shit, plus Shaka is a bit crazy. He'll slap the floor and go play defense himself. 

Hilarious nonetheless. But what the fuck is ESPN doing? How do you interview Shaka Smart at halftime and not ask him about this? We really needed the same old bullshit question? Come on, this is what people want to know. Ask him right there. We all saw it, he knows we all saw it, he should have an answer. 

Here's what I do know. Marquette is the perfect late night Maui team. They are havoc all over the place, play fast as shit, super fun. That's why they are up on Kansas right now. They are forcing turnovers and just flying around. They also have a bunch of different dudes who can beat you. Joplin, Kolek, one of the Jones' or Ighodaro. This second half just picked up though. 10-point lead, people are talking shit, coaches are ready to fight and we're getting celebrations mid-air. 

The Maui Invitational man. Always delivers. Best thing college basketball has going outside of March.