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Someone Called Stephen A. Smith With A Question About The Movie "Cars" And Stephen A. Bodied The Poor Kid

Stephen A. Smith is one of the few men in sports media who can render me speechless. If sports rants were orchestral scores, this would be Stephen Smith's fifth Symphony. Or was it the eighth Symphony That was really popular? I don't know; I'm pushing it with the references. People call sports radio shows every day, and 99% of the time, the calls are terrible. It's just not my vibe. I don't care if Ben in Warren, Michigan, thinks that the Lions will win on Thanksgiving. But every so often, you get a caller who has his shit together. That is the case here. It wasn't for lack of trying, but Stephen A flipped the script on the guy in a second. 

"Cars" is one of those Disney properties that I know is really popular, and yet I've never met a single person who is a diehard "Cars" fan. I've met diehard "Toy Story" fans. I've met diehard fans of "Monsters Inc and "Moana" fans, but I've never met somebody who is caught up on everything involving the "Cars" lore. Apparently, Stephen A. Smith is the only true "Cars" stan in existence. This guy knows the "Cars" universe how I know Tiger baseball. If you didn't know anything about sports and just turned this show on, you would think Stephen A. was ranting about real athletes. He usually reserves this kind of passion for NBA talk.

I hate to be a buzz kill here, but this has gotta be fake. This caller has to be a planet. Stephen A. Smith works for ESPN. Disney owns ESPN. "Cars" is a Disney product with a shit ton of merchandise and revenue behind it. This clip went viral, and the fact that I'm blogging about it makes me feel like a sheep who's feeding the machine, but I can't deny how entertaining this is.

Quick sidebar here: I'm not blaming Steven A. Smith for this, but ESPN has now spent more time on their airways talking about the movie "Cars" than they have the sport of baseball. I wish I could complain, but this clip is so juicy that I can't. It's the best sports radio call I've heard since the glory days of "The Mike Francesa Show."