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Wembymania Is In Full Force After His Game Worn NBA Debut Jersey Sold For A Record Breaking $762,000

Dylan Buell. Getty Images.

One thing I believe in is you should never tell someone how they should spend their money. If they want to blow it on stupid shit and be fiscally irresponsible, cool that's on them. If someone wants to be diligent and not really spend money and save it for retirement or maybe to buy a house etc, totally cool. What does it matter to me? It's not my money. We as a society spend way too much time pocket watching as it is, I just never really understood why.

So some might see the fact that Wemby's debut jersey sold for $762K and think that's a gigantic waste of money and that this person is a moron. While I can understand the sticker shock, this just tells me whoever bought that thing is rich as hell. A level of wealth my brain cannot even come close to comprehending. I feel confident that there will never be a purchase in my life that would ever cost $762,000. If it does, I am surely not buying it whether it's a jersey or maybe a different house (shoutout to the 2% interest rate gang from pre-Covid days. I will be dying in this house thank you very much). If we're being honest, that doesn't even seem like a real number that someone would have just chilling in their pocket ready to throw around on whatever they want. 

And hey, for all we know this is going to end up being a fantastic investment. This is what I would call "playing the long game". Sure that price seems crazy, but what if Wemby is truly the GOAT? If all the hype actually pans out not just for a few games here and there in his rookie season, but for his career? Guess what, a game worn Michael Jordan jersey from the 1998 Finals went for $10.1M. A game worn Kobe jersey from his MVP season sold for $5.8M. If you have the cash to burn and you want to maybe get ahead of things, investing in a Wembanyama debut jersey isn't the worst idea. We've all seen Wemby yes?

If you had to pick one young player's jersey to make this type of investment in, the no brainer decision has to be Webanyama. Of course, like with all investments there's risk. Maybe Wemby gets hurt and never reaches his potential. Maybe once he's accumulated a bunch of NBA tape teams understand how to defend him better and he's not as dominant. I think that's unlikely, but it's not entirely impossible. 

If I had to imagine what the feeling is like after you find out you won the bid for the cool price of $762,000, I would bet it feels like how I feel when one of my massive Indian food deliveries arrives for dinner. That shit is expensive as hell but is so fucking good I'll pay whatever the price is without thinking twice. Some may think it's a waste of money to indulge like that a few times a month, so I get it. Granted this person's money is going towards an investment and mine isn't, but I can understand the thrill of getting something that costs a shit ton of money. We're just operating on VERY different scales is all.