The Greatest Video Game In Video Game History Was Released 25 Years Ago Today

A few times a year I'll see something on the internet that reminds me about the greatest video game in video game history - The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of time. Today was one of those days, as it's the GOAT's 25th birthday: 

What. A. Game. A perfect game, in fact. Personally, I've beaten the game twice: once as a young whippersnapper circa ~ 2000 and then around a decade later in college. I STILL have nightmares about trying to navigate the water temple...we didn't have walk throughs 20+ years ago like asshole millennials have today. We beat each level fair and fucking square. Here's a walkthrough though:

I'll personally use that video as way to reminisce, not as a way to re-learn how to beat the level, as I think I'm going to invest in an N64 this winter and turn into a hermit. 

Because that's exactly what would happen; I'd have to play for around 10 hours a day to beat the game without any walk throughs. Each level took days and days (literally) to beat, but that was the fun of it. When you finally beat Ganondorf after WEEKS of playing, you feel accomplished. Like a war hero, even. 

Have I mentioned it's the greatest video game ever yet? Because it is. That's just an objective, stone cold fact and I love working with characters from the game. Take Simple Trent, for instance, who doesn't actually hail from Iowa, but is actually a Goron from Goron City: 


And the Ocarina itself? Don't even get me started on the Ocarina!!! That magical little instrument puts together some of the most soothing and soulful beats ever. I could fall asleep to the Ocarina of Time soundtrack: 

I whistle Epona's song to summon my dog when I take him to the dog park and he starts acting like an asshole. It works like a goddamn charm, too. Need some rain so I can call in sick to work? Boom, just need to play the Song of Storms on my C pad. Can use the Ocarina songs for anything and everything, basically.

Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going to head on over to eBay to invest in an N64 and Ocarina of Time. I'll see you guys in 2-3 weeks, depending on how easily I navigate the Water Temple.

Cheers to the GOAT!!