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Messi And Ronaldo Will Play Each Other One Final Time In February In A Game Being Called "The Last Dance"

The Saudis do it again. Nothing is unobtainable for the right price, and that's why we have one final chance to watch Ronaldo and Messi play each other before it's all said and done. Nearly brought a tear to my eye after seeing that Last Dance billing with the two of them front and center. Reminds me of Federer and Nadal last year:

We were blessed to see some legends of sport in the last couple of decades. You've got the Messi and Ronaldos, the Nadal and Federers, and the Kobe and LeBrons. Greatness personified in every aspect and hate or love them, you watched. The third team in the tournament is Neymar's Al Hilal who is coming off of an injury and will likely take the pitch in February too. 

See you in February. And fuck it, 28 minute highlight tape: