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The Rock Has To Be The Sweatiest Human On Planet Earth

Let me preface this by saying I love Dwayne Johnson. Think that dude is awesome. He's an absolute mutant of a human being, funny, seems nice as could be, drinks a shit ton of tequila, and is a handsome son of a bitch. There's not much to not love about The Rock, and I'm not even a big wrestling guy. 

With that being said...I wouldn't want to come anywhere within a half mile radius of him while he's working out if that's how much this man sweats. I don't know how many pores the average human has on their body, but The Rock has double that amount and he appears to be sweating out of every single one of them. I get he's really squeezing those reps, but if that's how much he sweats when he's just flying with 20lbs on each side then I can't even imagine the lake of sweat he'd be swimming in once he ramps that weight up. You could fill up a 64oz Gatorade bottle with just the beads of sweat on his head. 

I sweat a lot. In the summer, it's bad. I'll go through 5 different shirts a day. I can't wear any light colors between the months of May and October. But even I can't comprehend the sheer chaos going on with those tights right now. It would take the rest of the afternoon to pry those suckers off. Those things probably weigh more than any plate in the gym. 

Anyways, there's the blog about a shirtless and excessively sweaty Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson you've all been waiting to read. Glad I could be the one to provide it to you. Sweaty guy, for sure, but a great story teller as well.