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It Doesn't Matter That Sergino Dest Is An Idiot, FIRE GREGG BERHALTER RIGHT NOW After Losing To Trinidad And Tobago

Now you may see that tweet and be confused. I get it. Qualification for soccer can get confusing at times. Last night the USA played at Trinidad and Tobago in the 2nd leg of Nations League Quarterfinals. We won last week here in the US 3-0, so all we had to do was nothing stupid, advance and qualify for Copa America too. Seems simple. Except...

That's right, we lost to Trinidad and Tobago last night. Fucking embarrassing. You may remember the last time we played at Trinidad and Tobago. If not, allow me to remind you:

Ashley Allen. Getty Images.

One of the biggest choke jobs in all of sports, miss the 2018 World Cup. So why do I bring this all up? Because it's fucking embarrassing. I know I keep talking about firing Gregg Berhalter, because I love the USMNT. I also know my voice is basically pointless, it's not like the US Soccer Federation is sitting around reading my blog and making decisions based on it. Well, not until I get my brother in there and then get hired like Gregg. 

Here's the reason why we need to fire Gregg: 

Holy shit dude, this is downright bad. Pathetic even. I get losing at Mexico or Canada from time to time. I get a couple ties because of the way World Cup Qualifying is set up. But to have 1 win in CONCACAF road games? That ain't even close to respectable. In fact this should be the only thing on the Power Point to fire this guy. Here's another one to prove how bad Gregg has been: 


This is really the best we can do? This fucking asshat who is giving bald guys a bad name. We're the US, we should be able to go out and land a decent coach. Someone who preferably doesn't have a family member in the US Soccer Federation. Someone who can preferably win. 

As for last night? The story was Sergino Dest being an idiot. 

Tim Ream and Matt Turner had every right to honestly punch Dest in the face. Listen, I try to defend Dest. I think he's a unique player who provides something coming up the wing. He had the assist last night to give us the 1-0 lead. But too many times he does something stupid like this. The last thing you can do is cost your team a legit player and do this. Shit, even Tim Ream blasted him in the postgame: 

I don't want to hear that we didn't have Pulisic, Weah, McKennie or Adams last night. This team is actually deep. This team still has talent. It's just being wasted by Gregg. I'm sick of having to write this, but I'm gonna keep bringing it up until it happens. Fire him today. You lost to Trinidad and fucking Tobago with a real roster of guys. Not some MLS group. Not some C-team. 


You want some more reason to fire Gregg? Here you go: 

Gregg said his plan was to take Gio off at halftime anyways. Okay, that's fine. But you still left two guys in Pepi and Flo up top without a right back? The guy can't see what's going on in a match and adjust. It's pathetic. It's a failure all the way around. For the love of God fire this guy and Sergino Dest, stop being a goddamn idiot.