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Last Night In Bill Walton's Insane Ramblings: Claims His Play-by-Play Partner Has 'Some Serious Baggage Since He Recently Lost His Dad'

Good God, Bill. Take it down a notch. You can hear him *almost* (I'm stressing almost here) try to redeem himself by saying it was a healing momentum. You just brought up a man who recently lost his dad. I don't care what you're talking about, the play-by-play guy had every right to throw a punch. Listen, we all love Bill for his insane ramblings, but you can't say a guy has some serious baggage because of losing his dad recently. 

Feel like there needs to be a rule that Bill Walton is only allowed to call games with Dave Pasch. Pasch is the only human on Earth that can navigate Bill Walton and keep him away from saying something like this. I mean, sure, Pasch probably wants a break and just be a normal announcer but we're talking about helping a crazy man out here. You can't just let a guy from Hawaii help out with the Maui Invitational and have this happen. How do you even just go back to calling a free throw after Walton brings that up? 

I feel pretty numb to Walton at this point. I've watched way too many of games with him on the call and know the song and dance. But just when you think he's out of insane things to say. Just when you think he can't top some things in the past, he's gotta bring up this poor guy and losing his dad. Smoke some weed and chill out, Bill!