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The Philadelphia Eagles Go Into Kansas City And Someway, Somehow Beat The Chiefs 21-17


Somehow. Seriously. Actually, the Chiefs Honestly, I'm still not sure if the Eagles won by 4 or lost by 20. That's how bad they played up until the 4th quarter. Thank the almighty for 2 turnovers in the RedZone by the Chiefs and Andy Reid doing some questionable Andy Reid things (punting 4th and 4 in the 4th quarter on your own 40 - THANK YOU). Oh, and the Chiefs receiving core. Only one real word to describe that bunch: 

Giphy Images.

Shades of Andy attempting to win with James Thrash and Todd Pinkston a full generation ago. Hated it then, didn't hate it tonight. If Mahomes had any pass catcher outside of Kelce that has a Madden rating over 80 he'd be unstoppable. Unfortunately for Patty Checkdowns, he's got Justin Watson who dropped a full dozen balls and 48-year-old Speedster MVS doing stuff like this for the game: 

The Eagles did almost everything they could to give up the game (up until the 4th quarter). The defense, specifically the #1 run D in the NFL, was getting gashed with the DL losing all the battles. The offensive line had their worst game in a LONG time. Brian Johnson's play calling was, for the majority of the game, garbage. Barbarically hot garbage. Remember when Kansas City turned the ball over in the RedZone for the 2nd time with a Travis Kelce fumble? Karma, baby! So naturally the Eagles immediately run two bubble screens that go for less than dick - the second to 34-year-old Julio Jones - and BOOM! 3 and out. 

AND THEN it all came together. Someway, somehow the Eagles were able to pull out a 4th quarter drive that culminated with a long shot to the greatest Smitty in Philly to set up another Hurts TD. 

And the Eagles held on a 4th quarter drive by Mahomes. Incredible win. Not the most dominant, convincing, or even fun. But incredible nonetheless. The Chiefs scored 0 points in the second half. Andy Reid is now 27-5 after BYE weeks. Enjoy it. 

9-1. NFC #1 seed still Eagles to lose. Bills at home next week. Let's have some turkey and wish death to Dallas. Go Birds.