Jack Jones Can Piss All the Way Off for Saying NOW He's Playing for 'the Best Coach in America'

Anthony Nesmith. Shutterstock Images.

One my most oft-repeated lines from one of my all time Desert Island movies, is uttered by the title character. When Patton has been relieved of command for disobeying orders, clashing with the brass, beefing with our allies, and finally slapping a soldier suffering from what they then called Battle Fatigue, he's given another chance to get in the fight. And told he's going to be the head of the 3rd Army as they cross Europe into Germany he tells Omar Bradley, "I'm a man of many faults. But ingratitude isn't one of them." I've used that line in some form or another any time someone's done something to help me, personally or professionally. Which means I'm blessed to have said it a lot. 

Sadly, though, not everyone is as gracious as Old Blood & Guts and Old Balls. It seems some people are just incapable of expressing appreciation. Even toward someone who gave them chance after chance after freaking chance. And it would seem one of those people is Jack Jones, who was drafted by Bill Belichick, given a roster spot by Bill Belichick, named a starter as a rookie by Bill Belichick, suspended at the end of that season after being late and arguing with Bill Belichick, and forgiven by Bill Belichick, even after picking up weapons charges in the offseason and getting kicked out of a camp practice for fighting by Bill Belichick. Until that patience ran out after yet more lateness: 

That's a hell of a lot to be grateful for. Especially given that he'd been suspended by both DI programs he played for. And his release just meant he'd completed the Jack Jones Triple Crown. But it's too much to ask that he show any appreciation. Because no sooner did he take his talents - and his high maintenance - to Las Vegas to play for his old high school and college coach Antonio Pierce, than he chose to take an unsubtle, not-so-backhanded swipe at the man who brought him into the NFL:

You like playing for Pierce, good for you. No one has an axe to grind with the man. He seems like he's stabilized a toxic situation in Vegas and has the Raiders playing better. And since we've gotten a taste of what 25 year old Jack Jones is like to deal with, it's hard to imagine 17 year old him not being a colossal pain in the ass to have to coach. 

But you can't convince me this wasn't a dig at Belichick. Despite Jones' protestations to the contrary:


Consider me one of those lame fans. The ones who were ecstatic about how well he played as a rookie, even as he couldn't quit stepping on rakes of his own making:

And who kept our fingers crossed that he wouldn't end up in a penitentiary on the gun charges. And celebrated when he returned to partner up with Jonathan Jones opposite Christian Gonzalez to give the Patriots a strong corps of young, talented corners. If that's lame, then I'm guilty as charged. 

Just don't try to convince me this post had nothing to do with "the last team." You don't go around praising a head coach with three career games at the expense of someone with 29 seasons unless you do have a vendetta. And part of that vendetta is due to the fact that you're an ingrate. 

But good for you, Jack Jones. This lameass fan wishes you nothing but the best as you wear your fifth uniform (three college, two pro) before your 26th birthday. And it's not due to lack of talent. It's that your talent level comes nowhere close to justifying how unreliable you are. I look forward to your next suspension, which will no doubt be coming soon. And when it does, you'll probably find there are no more Antonio Pierces willing to put up with how much babysitting it takes to coach you.