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PSA: Do NOT Shoot Your Own Mom's Poop Up Your Butt. A Canadian Man Tried To Treat His Crohn's Disease With An At-Home Feces Transplant

A man who was hospitalized by debilitating Crohn's disease found relief after putting his mom's poop in his rectum in a DIY treatment — but was surprised to experience her menopause symptoms, too.

Charlie Curtis, from Toronto, Canada, who's in his mid 30s, did DIY "poop transplants," or fecal microbiota transplants, for over four years, he told filmmaker Saffron Cassaday in the new documentary "Designer $hit."

I am not a doctor or medical professional. I want that on the record before we start. 

My heart goes out to this poor, suffering Canadian man. Crohn's sounds like an absolutely HORRIBLE and debilitating disease. He's been dealing with this for at least four years all because he tried to take his medical care into his own hands and butthole. I know what you're thinking. "Chief, doesn't he live in Canada? Shouldn't he have access to all the free poop he needs through their socialized medicine?". Well, guys, unfortunately it's not that simple. The devil is always in the details. Sometimes, in places with socialized medicine, a government bureaucrat can make the determination that your butthole is non-essential and they deny you the essential poop that you need to thrive. What was this guy to do? Suffer with his Crohn's disease indefinitely or...tap into the abundance of poop produced every day by his own mother? Seems like a pretty logical step. Sure, he has no training, no equipment to properly test his mother's poop, and clearly had no idea that he could give himself menopause, but who would you trust after covid; "experts" or the shit produced by your own mother? I guess the lesson here is that you need your dad's shit if you're treating your own Crohn's.