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“Locker Room is A Lot Like My Mom’s Bathing Suits, Like To See Them in One Piece" - Jim Harbaugh Is A Genius With His Words

This man doesn't give a fuck about being suspended and no matter what fan you are, this is an amazing joke. It genuinely made me laugh more than it should have probably because he had this joke ready for quite sometime. This is why he is one of the best coaches in the country. If your coach isn't weird as fuck I can bet he isn't very good. Just look at the way he stands and delivers this, he doesn't know anything else besides football. 

I weirdly think all of this outside noise is going to help Michigan going into the big game. They already were playing the best in the Country and when you add this the motivation to kick the shit out of your rival just got even higher. Michigan fans are sitting in the drivers seat. They already beat Ohio State the last two years and now Michigan has a built in excuse if they lose. I don't think that they lose I think that they win this game and then have the momentum into the BIG10 Championship with Harbaugh back will be scary. Once this season is over though Harbaugh is getting the fuck out of there and is probably like I am not dealing with any of this bullshit and will be on the first flight to Vegas.