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The Jets Will Start Tim Boyle At QB On Black Friday Vs. The Dolphins

Sarah Stier. Getty Images.

For all the Jets fans who wondered if it could get any worse than Zach Wilson, we're all about to find out. The good news is that Tim Boyle has played the last five seasons in the NFL. The bad news is that he's never won a game (0-3 as a NFL starter). All of this just makes me wonder how horrible Trevor Siemian must be in practice. One would think any quarterback still breathing would get a chance ahead of Wilson and Boyle. One would be wrong. 

This is somewhat of an infuriating development. Joe Douglas and Robert Saleh just sat on their hands after Aaron Rodgers blew out his Achilles in the very first game of the season. They had options like Carson Wentz and Josh Dobbs just sitting there available for weeks and the Jets rode with Zach Wilson while the season collapsed in front of them. This isn't a surprise to anyone. Zach Wilson has always been terrible and will always be terrible. 

The season is over for the Jets. They are closer to a top draft pick than a playoff spot at this point. If that's the attitude regarding starting Tim Boyle, then I suppose I can get behind that. Tim Boyle as a human white flag. But this has been an unmitigated disaster for the Jets. Zach Wilson is obviously horrible but don't sleep on how bad that offensive line is as well.

The Jets 2023 hopes are over but that doesn't mean the season is. There are still seven games left. This could get very, very ugly before it's over. They need to tell Aaron Rodgers to just stay home and get healthy. As for the rest of us watching Jets games because of some horrible bad luck or misfortune of picking this team to root for, we are in for a Hellish stretch. 

That Week 18 game against the Patriots on January 7th will be something else.

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