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What's Former MSU Player Branden Dawson Is Up To? Oh, Just Throwing Sucker Punches At Dudes And Getting A 2-Year Suspension In The Dominican Republic

You ever do that thing where you sit around and wonder about old college basketball guys? I'm not talking dudes who had a decent run in the pros, but college basketball guys through and through. No? Just my weird brain. Well, I bring that up because this here is Branden Dawson. You probably remember him, Michigan State player, McDonald's All-American. Now he's out here sucker punching dudes in the Dominican Republic and getting a 2-year suspension. 

Honestly he should be suspended longer. If you're going to throw that sort of sucker punch and the dude just eats it? Add another year to that suspension at a minimum. I have no idea who the dude was that he punched but that man just ate the punch and was ready to throw down. Give me that guy in a fight over Branden Dawson. 

I never understood the whole sucker punch thing. If you're going to fight someone, at least square up. Can't be running after someone and do this sort of shit. Have the balls to look at a guy, nod the head saying it's time to go. At the minimum the other dude should be allowed one punch back at Dawson. Can't break them up before fair is fair. 

You for sure can't do this after giving up a layup too. Scumbag material at its finest.