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Gritty Is Out Here Taking Moms To PlowTown In The Middle Of Flyers Games

This fuckin' guy. 

What a greasy, slimy bastard Gritty is. A date with the mom on the line here and Gritty goes top bunk like a menace. This goalie has probably played against like 3 kids his entire life who are even able to lift the puck off the ice, let alone stuff one right over his shoulder. But do you think Gritty gives a damn? No chance. He's here to wheel moms and wheel moms only. 

And the worst part of all? Gritty doesn't date. Gritty ain't taking this mom to a nice dinner at Fiorella, taking a stroll through Franklin Square, and dropping mom back off at night after a little peck on the cheek. They're going to some bar that's down the block from his apartment, going back to his place after a few drinks, and then Gritty is laying pipe. There's cab fare on the dresser. 

So let this be a lesson to all the kids out there. If Gritty offers you this deal, you need to turn it down immediately. Because the only one getting Gritty's stick in that deal is going to be mommy.