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Lead From The Front: Hungary's Captain Scores Twice, Hops In The Stands To Do A Shot With Fans To Celebrate Them Qualifying For Euro 2024

This might be the only time I say something is awesome about a Liverpool player, but this is how you do it. You score twice, you qualify for Euro 2024 and you go drink the drink of Hungary - palinka. Now that said, you can't make this face. You gotta toughen up when taking a shot. You're the captain for crying out loud. You can't be looking like someone catching a cheap tequila shot at 1am. 

This is what Americans need to embrace. I don't care if it's Nations League or Gold Cup. We should have our guys drinking in the stands like they are Stone Cold. Need Pulisic to score and hop in the fans before cracking two beers and going nuts. If Hungary can do it, surely we can. It doesn't matter who we beat or what we qualify for, it's pretty simple here. Score, win, drink. 

I know we have Copa America next year, but I really wish we had something like Euro for the US consistently. Euro is awesome. Granted they have awesome soccer countries, we need something like that here. I need to see the US against real competition more often and not just beat Mexico or Canada. 

But again, credit to Szoboszlai here. This is how you do it. You go get a couple goals and wash it down with the drink of your country. I just want my captain to not make a face that says he never wants to do a shot again. Gotta show the team you're not scared of anything.