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Shai Gilgeous-Alexander Cooked Steph Curry Over The Weekend And Then Wasted No Time Talking His Shit On Instagram

Noah Graham. Getty Images.

Over the years, there have been some things I would never recommend doing on an NBA basketball court, and for a long time one thing near the top of that list was poking the bear that is Steph Curry. To even consider talking trash or giving Steph any sort of extra motivation was almost always a death wish. Few players in recent memory can make you regret that decision quicker than Steph Curry. One second you're talking shit and the next thing you know he's made 5 35fters right in your eyeball and is dancing all over your grave. We've seen it a thousand times before.

You know who doesn't subscribe to that idea? Shai Gilgeous-Alexander. These two went head to head this weekend with SGA outdueling the future HOFer, and he wasted no time letting him know about it

40/7/6 with huge play after huge play down the stretch on the road in GS to take down Steph & Co was big time stuff. If you've been watching SGA these last few seasons a performance like that shouldn't really come as a surprise, and I think we're at the point now where SGA is no longer underrated. If you still have doubt about him as a player or don't think he's not only one of the elite guards in the league but one of the best young overall stars, you're simply not paying attention. It doesn't get more legit than what we're seeing from SGA these last two seasons, and here's what I think I love most.

It's one thing to play well against GS and then hop on the internet to talk a little trash. That's all fine and good. But then to go out your next game and immediately back it all up

is what separates SGA from some other guys who love to get loud after big wins. In fact, SGA might be one of the most consistent stars we have in the entire league. Just look at his start!

Oh, did you think his 31.4 average on 51% shooting last year was maybe a fluke? OK, how about 29.6 on 53/36% to start this season? Pretty good! Not only that, but we're also starting to see SGA take a decent amount of 3PA (3.8). Remember, he did all that last year while taking just 2.5 3PA a game. That wasn't really part of his arsenal, but now if you have to respect him from deep? What exactly is the defense supposed to do because they already can't stop him from getting to whatever spot he wants once he puts the ball on the floor. The patience he operates with offensively is just so fun to watch. Never sped up, never out of control, he just takes his time to get to his money spots and buries you. 

Listen, is it the smartest thing in the world to take shots at Steph Curry? Maybe not. But personally, I am all for any type of shit talking as long as you plan on going out and backing it up. Sadly, these two teams are done playing each other for the rest of the season, so we'll have to wait to see if they have a playoff series against one another for Curry to answer back. Pretty stupid of the NBA's schedule makers to have these two exciting teams play all their games against one another before Thanksgiving in my opinion. OKC won the season series 2-1 if you were curious, which obviously could impact tiebreakers come the Spring.