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OnlyFans Model Claims Congressman George Santos Was A Subscriber And Paid Her To Rate His Dick

Reports came out last week that Congressman George Santos had been spending campaign funds on personal splurges like expensive clothes, vacations, botox, and even OnlyFans. Now we've got our first OnlyFans girl, Leila Lewis, coming out of the woodwork to say that George Santos subscribed to her page. This is all about a year after Santos used the oldest trick in the book for liar's, where he let's the world know he doesn't even know what an OnlyFans page is. Way to get ahead of the story George. The congressman doth protest too much, me thinks. 

Not only was George an alleged subscriber, but he also supposedly paid to have his dick rated by Leila. Santos definitely gives off "rate my dick energy", but When the news broke that George was running around spending campaign funds on crazy shit like OnlyFans, I needed to know the same question all  Americans were wondering - What kind of accounts George subscribed to?  

George being into plus size women is not shocking, but kind of a surprise. On one hand I wasn't sure if Santos was even into women, but on the other hand he definitely gives off big submissive vibes that wants a bigger woman to dominate him, especially now that we know he needs to have his dick rated. Santos seems like someone who would give a woman his credit card information campaign funds and become a woman's Pay Pig. Can't wait to see what other OnlyFans accounts come out of the wood work. Not here to kink shame though, I'm simply glad a politician is hooking up with someone their age.