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Congrats To Jay Williams For The Dumbest College Hoops Take - Suggests DJ Wagner Could Transfer To Louisville Because UK Has Too Many Good Players

I want to say this respectfully because I don't hate Jay Williams, but what the fuck are you talking about dude? This was in the middle of the UConn/Indiana game, maybe he was just bored with Indiana sucking, who knows. But we're 4 games into the year and you're talking about a kid who John Calipari basically recruited since middle school just quitting and transferring to a rival. Mind you a rival who is an awful program right now. Sure, whatever. 

It makes no sense. DJ Wagner is starting for Kentucky. He's a focal point of the offense. Sure, Reed Sheppard and Rob Dillingham have been better players, but it's not like DJ is riding the bench and not playing. I try not to get too riled up when it comes to stupid shit said about college basketball because there's plenty. But this going around and immediately talking about a transfer is so fucking stupid I have to address it. 

What about Louisville, besides his grandfather playing there/being on staff there, makes you think DJ Wagner would transfer? He's gonna sit out the 2nd half of the season so he can play next year there? Give me a break. It's insanity to think that DJ is going to transfer just because Kentucky has good players. That's the whole point! Mind you DJ hasn't complained, hasn't sulked, hasn't refused to come in or anything like that. He struggled against Kansas. Nobody is trying to force DJ Wagner out, that'd be equally as stupid. He also could have, you know, just went to Louisville when he decided to pick Kentucky over them. 

The worst part? Jay has gone silent since the game. No tweets, no response, no nothing. Just throwing out that DJ Wagner could transfer because Kentucky has too many good players. Again, respectfully, shut the fuck up about it.