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'Very Disrespectful Players. Very Emotional. Unmanly.' - Bills' Dion Dawkins Unloads On How Much He Hates The Jets After A Locker Room Tunnel Skirmish

I know that's not a fight, barely even a skirmish but it really summed up the day for Dion Dawkins. It was only a matter of time before they beat the hell out of someone and that of course was the Jets. But this is about the day Dion Dawkins had. He started it all off with one of the most entertaining celebrations for a flop these eyes have seen: 

Have fun with it. Play into the crowd, perfect celebration. Plus, it's rare we get to see a big guy truly celebrate like this so why not? Then there was this quote after the game: 

Yeah that's pretty direct. I say it all the time, this is good. I'd rather have a guy say this instead of the buddy-buddy or no comment bullshit we tend to get. Dion Dawkins doesn't like the Jets, cool. It's football. You aren't supposed to like everyone anyways. I wish he went a little more in. Tell me the players you don't like. Tell us what makes them disrespectful players. You know, something like this quote he had: 

[Source] - Jets defensive line coach Aaron Whitecotton spent three seasons with the Bills as an assistant coach, overlapping with Dawkins, who was drafted in 2017. The Bills’ left tackle included Whitecotton in his assessment of the Jets’ behavior.

It’s probably anger, a little bit of - a lot of bit of emotions,” he said. “There’s a lot of emotional guys over there. Very emotional guys, like even their d-line coach, very emotional. Unmanly. Just very emotional guys.”

Now that's a quote! Unmanly. I love it. Bring back some old school insults while we're at it. I know the Bills seem to talk a lot of shit for a team that always seems to be just off. Yeah, they haven't won, etc. But I want this in sports. I want teams, especially in the same division to hate each other. 

The whole locker room skirmish thing is whatever too. They weren't close to fighting. Just a massive hold me back contest. Can't believe the guy filming thought there'd actually be one. Watch one tunnel fight for me one time. It's always a push or two and then hold me back.